the swiftly changing tides

Oh how time flies!  The thoughts of doing regular reflections/blog posts again has been on my mind for a bit.  So, tonight, when I couldn’t sleep, I decided to pull it up and begin anew.  As I did, I couldn’t help but look back and realize how much and how little has changed since my last blog post.  I’m still a wife and a mother.  But, I am no longer a homeschooling mom.  I am now a mother with 3 children in private Catholic schools and working a full-time job as the Practice Manager at my husband’s practice.  Life has changed dramatically in the last 2 months.  I’m not sure I have caught up with all of the changes yet.  We are all still working out how this all comes together.  This is almost as big of a paradigm shift as it was when we left the school system and started homeschooling.

Along with work/home life changing, life is taking another change in that we will be moving into the next season of parenting soon — that of parents of a married child and soon to be mother/father-in-laws.  I’m not sure yet which part is scarier.  That I have a daughter old enough to be getting married, or that my soon to be son-in-law might consider me to be a pain as so many sons-in-law feel about their MIL.  I guess time will tell whether I will be a witch or a friend like my MIL is for me.  I pray that it is more of a friend.

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