Come Holy Spirit!

Today has been a totally awesome day!

The day started with some special reflection time looking over the past week, its challenges and its blessings.  Then, from there, I was blessed to be able to attend a seminar with Jeff Cavins on his program titled “Walking Toward Eternity”.  Jeff is an awesome speaker with so much knowledge, mixed with humor.  This particular seminar wasn’t totally a focus on knowledge (there was definitely some in there), but this was also a look at our goal — our ultimate desire — heaven!  But, how do we get there?  Only through a personal relationship with God, can we even begin to set out on that walk.

This series of talks really reminded me of my favorite passage — that of the disciples on the road to Emmaus.  We are all on this walk of life, wondering the same type of why’s and what’s that the Emmaus road disciples were.  So, how did they come to know that it was the Lord?  They realized it through communication along the path with the Lord, followed by sharing a meal with Him.  Then, they finally recognized Him for who He truly was — the Son of God!

How is that any different from our own walks?  We are also asking the questions about what is happening around us and what does all of this mean.  But, are we communicating regularly with Him?  Are we listening to Him explain the whys and whats to us?  Only through those experiences, can we fully recognize Him through the breaking of the bread at Mass.

So, for me, that was THE challenge.  Am I listening to His answers to the whys and the whats?  Am I even looking to the place where His answers are?  I am doing the daily readings, but am I asking God what He wants me to learn from His word?  No.  Not really. So, that is the challenge I am being faced with.

Just when I realized this and decided to take action, I started to get cold feet.  How could I truly know what God means?  It is easy for Jeff Cavins — he studies the Bible and so figuring out what God means would be easy for him.  I’m not anywhere close to that, so what was I thinking?

Then, the next part of my day happened.  I met up with the 6 kids I have been working with through our parish preparing them for the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Today was THE day.  Today was their Confirmation day.  Veni Sanctus Spiritus!  Watching and praying for each of them and watching their reactions through the whole experience, I learned one important thing.  I might not know all of the answers, but I know and believe that if I ask the questions, He will guide me to finding the answers.  He is my teacher and guide just as I was for a short time in that role with these kids.  Just as I challenged them to be open to the process and what the Holy Spirit has in store for them in life, the Holy Spirit through that mental challenge earlier in the day is challenging me to be open to the process and whatever is in store for me along the way.

So, Lectio Divina, here I come!  Not just the 1st step of the process, but all 5 of the steps.  Reading, meditation, prayer, contemplation and then the final challenge of them all — action!  You might even see some of it here.  Maybe, maybe not.  Time will tell.

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