my favorite passage — Emmaus!

Today’s Gospel reading is one of my all time favorite passages — the story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus.  In case you don’t know the story, read it at Luke 24:13-35.  Here are these two disciples, distressed and despondent over the happenings in Jerusalem going on about their lives and heading home discussing all that had happened.  Along comes a stranger who seems to know and understand what seems totally confusing to them.  Then, in the breaking of the bread, their eyes were opened and they KNEW.

This in so many ways is what life is all about.  We hear about this Jesus who has done great things — he taught us, suffered for us, died for us and then defeated death for us.  But, living life today, this all seems so far away many days and so fuzzy and confusing.  What really does it all mean?  Why did he do that?  Now, how is death defeated for me when He did it?  And so many more questions that we discuss with our friends, walking through life.  Then, along comes a stranger, who confidently explains it and VOILA!  my eyes are opened and I can see in ways I never could before.

Then, I travel a bit further in life and other areas seem fuzzy and confusing.  Again, talking with friends as we walk through life until one day a stranger comes along and once again — sight has been restored to the blind!

I don’t know about you, but this has been an almost daily experience for me through life.  Daily I am confused and fuzzy, but through my daily Scripture reading or through prayer, my vision can be miraculously cleared so that it all seems clear again.  At least for a bit … until the next confusion period hits…

I am SO thankful for this story of the journey to Emmaus.  For aren’t we all traveling that same road?  Knowing the story brings hope that understanding will come when we recognize Jesus for who He is in our stories.  He is there.  Usually disguised as a stranger.  We just need to look carefully and we will find Him.  But, until we look, how will we understand?


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