strength while in spiritual warfare

As I mentioned in the last post, this Lent has included a strong reminder that Satan is very present within our world and our lives.  As I have struggled with this reminder of Satan’s presence and desire to destroy the good in my outlook, mood, and overall life, I turned to a book I purchased before Lent started.  It is Sr. Helena Burns’ new book, “He Speaks to You”.  It is a daily spiritual exercise including a short reflection, Scripture passage, Words of Wisdom, suggestions and prayers.  There are two sections that I (a typical bi-polar mother who tries to be faithful to the Gospel) love.  One section is called “To Do” and is for the Martha in me.  And the other section is titled “To Journal” and is the present for the Mary in me.

For the last week, the “theme” of each day has been about suffering.  ‘Getting hit between the eyes with a two-by-four’ would be a good description of how these days’ reflections affected me.   The one that hit me first was:

My cross is offensive.  My cross is ugly.  My cross is brutal, but it is Good News.  Do you believe that?

Look at this passage in the light of Jesus saying this to you.  It is SOOO believable when I look at it that way!  But, then turn it around and take it in the first person.  Think of a cross you are battling in your life.  The first 2 1/2 sentences are VERY believable when turned around — but what about the last sentence and a half?  Good News?  HA!  How can ugly, offensive and brutal struggles in our lives be Good News???  When we are in the throes of pain due to those struggles, they look like anything BUT good news!  But, that is where we are looking at them with ‘our’ eyes.  We need to look at our struggles from God’s eyes and trust.  Trust that He does indeed love us and want what is good for us.  By realizing this, we can finally turn the situation around and know without a doubt that we can and will defeat these struggles!

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