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Is there an answer?

I LOVE organizational sites, magazines, pictures, designs — you name it!  I keep looking around me at the partially organized, mostly disorganized mess around me and HATE it.  I hate disorganization and really want everything around me neat and orderly.  I do believe the old adage that everything should have a place and be in that place when not in use at the moment.  And yet, I haven’t seemed to find “THE” organizational trick yet that helps me get to that point.

“Lord, set my life in order; making me to know what I ought to do and do it the way that I should.”  St. Thomas Aquinas

I read everything I see on the subject of organization.  I have attended hundreds of hours of talks about time management and organization.  I actually use many of the ideas and techniques I have learned.  But, it still isn’t enough.

I think my biggest problem is that I have big ideas but little time.  I tend to start projects and then time runs away from me!  So, the partially completed project sits there and the “organized” part ends up buried under the continual chaos of life happening all around me.  Then, one day I have that magic, elusive item again … time … and so I start all over again.  If I am lucky, I can get it back to the point I left off earlier.  Most of the time though, I never even make it that far.  So, it is 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.

Talking to older friends whose kids have all flown the coop, I hear that it won’t always be like this.  I hear that ‘one day’ I will have all of the time I ever wanted plus more.  I also hear that I won’t be any more productive because things will still be coming up and preventing any type of productivity from happening.

I seem to live in a paradox.  I truly want to be surrounded by organization.  I am more peaceful and calm when life is organized.  And yet, I want to LIVE my life and be present in each moment which means that with 5 kids, 4 of which are still at home, life is a whirlwind of schoolwork, food preparation, and carpools.  And then there is the work that has to find its own slivers of time.  Grading papers, figuring report cards, submitting schoolwork to our distance learning school, doing payroll, preparing the tax documents needing filed, the vendor contacts, the scheduling, employee hiring/training, the inventory, working with the accountant/lawyer/insurance agent, the purchasing, the …………   *sigh*  and it just goes on and on.

Is there an answer to all of this?  And miracle of miracles — one that doesn’t cost money we don’t have?  I think I am finally realizing that the organizational seminars I hear about, aren’t the answer.  No one method will help.  I know what I want.  I know how to get it.  But, I’m not willing to give up the time to do it.  I’m not willing to give up the time with my husband and my kids.  My family is everything to me and SO much more important than piles of papers waiting to be sorted and filed in my humble opinion.  But, one day soon, the kids will be gone.  Then, the piles can have me if I don’t get buried alive before then.

So, until that day, I guess my organizational motto will be:

 “Let’s all make friends with and HUG our piles today!”

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continual chaos

Well, the last time I posted, our 3rd daughter was in the beginning of the process of being transferred from our private distance learning school to the local Catholic high school.  The transfer has occurred and so far all seems to be going smoothly.  I am still hesitant on calling it a success though as honestly, there is a part of me that doesn’t quite know yet whether ‘I’ have fully come to terms with this yet.  I am almost waiting for the shoe to drop.  But, we stepped out in faith and in faith we wait to see how this will turn out.  So far, she is loving her new school, teachers and seems to be thriving with the structure of her days.

As I said, for me though….. the jury is still out.  With her new schedule, comes an entirely new existence for me.  We just started back to our own school schedule after the holidays and so have only had 2 days without her presence at home during the day.  I see good things — I can put much more focus on her 2 younger sisters and we can do more fun things now that I am not as tied down to being here constantly to keep her on task.  That is good for them, but is going to wear this mama out!

When I stopped by our business earlier today, one of our younger employees commented that she was looking forward to her day off tomorrow when the only thing that was on her schedule was to come in for an hour to work, my immediate reaction was one of total jealousy!  I couldn’t help but think that there isn’t a day off in my foreseeable future. *sigh*  I even received a gift certificate for an hour-long massage for Christmas and I don’t know when I will be able to actually use it.

Part of it is this time of the year.  This time of year ALWAYS brings total and complete overwhelming ‘To do’ lists with all of the reports, end of year stats, taxes, audits etc that are involved with owning your own business.  Add in the usual ‘after the holiday’ tasks like taking down the decorations and cleaning the house after visitors and parties in addition to the normal chaos of a family of seven, and the feelings of being overwhelmed become almost unbearable.

This year we have reached an all new ‘high’ of being overwhelmed.  With the new schedule for daughter #3, new activities for daughters #4 and #5 on top of the already crazy swimmer’s schedule of daughter #2, this mama feels like my bottom end is glued to my car seat some days!  Now if I can figure out how to take my office and laptop along to work on while driving kids every direction under the sun, I just might be able to survive all of this.

God knows me too well though.  Every time I start feeling too overwhelmed, a scripture keeps popping into my mind…..

HE must increase but I must decrease.  John 3:30  

What can I say?  I am a cradle Catholic and Catholic guilt goes a long way!!!  So, now instead of continuing to wallow in my own wants, it is time to get off of here and do what I should be doing.  Getting to work.  🙂

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  Matthew 19:26

I’m counting on it God!


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