changing direction

Life has a habit of throwing us curves!  When a curve comes along, it requires some shifting of direction and sometimes turns us totally around to where we are heading in the exact opposite of direction.  That is what a conversation I took part in last week had within our life.  A very simple easy conversation with friends ended up causing a change of direction for at least one of our children and as a result will affect our whole family.

Since we decided to pull out of the public school 9 years ago over Christmas break, we have talked about whether that was the right decision or not several times.  The answer has always been that it was the right decision and to keep on keeping on.  But, this year, the question didn’t have such a ‘ready’ answer.

Our oldest is now in college and will be graduating in May from college.  She still says that homeschooling through Jr High and High School was the right answer for her.  Our second daughter is now a senior in high school.  She was in 3rd grade when we pulled out and never wanted to go back.  She is now completing her high school diploma while also working towards her degree in Culinary Arts at a local community college.  Our youngest two have never known anything but homeschooling and so as such the only question about ‘regular’ school that I get is about whether they could ever ride a school bus.  For some reason, that yellow school bus has a huge influence on them.  They want to ride the school bus but they don’t want to leave home at the same time.  They want to ride the school bus if it means that I ride with them.

Our middle daughter is the exception.  Ever since we pulled out of school when she was in 1st grade, she has been interested in going back.  Most of her elementary grade years, it has been a toss-up as to which she wanted more.  She likes homeschooling but longs for the peer interaction on a constant basis.  With co-ops, band, 4-H, youth group etc, she has had peer interaction, but she has always wanted more.  So, we are opting to enroll her now and to re-evaluated again at the end of this year.

This change in direction will have an effect on all of us.  Between transportation needs to and from the school (about 20 minutes away from our home), a set school schedule that we have to work around, uniform codes, a new budget, and most importantly changes in our daily routines and schedule.  She has work to do to finish her semester of home school work while starting at the new school which is on trimesters.  Lots of directional changes coming for all of us!

And all of this came from one simple question by a friend.. “Why wait?”  Those two words brought about a U-turn in our life.  It made us really evaluate why are we waiting to allow her to transfer in?  Yes, there would be advantages to waiting to transfer at the beginning of the year but there are also disadvantages too.    The same goes for transferring now.  Many advantages and disadvantages!  So, through some pretty intent discernment, we sorted through the advantages and disadvantages and ultimately decided to take the U-turn and see where this path leads us.

With God’s grace and help, we will be able to ultimately know whether we need to move forward along this path or do another U-turn come next summer.  *sigh*  Did I mention that life is also a roller coaster? :-/

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