am I a monkey or what?

One of the seminars at my recent retreat was on monkeys.  There was a study done on monkeys with a gourd.  They put a banana into the gourd and then put it in front of a monkey.  The monkey would look in, see the banana, and then reach in to get the banana out.  But, as it tried to get the banana out, he couldn’t!  His hand wouldn’t fit through the opening while it was wrapped around the banana.  So, what did the monkey do?  Sat there with his hand stuck inside this gourd.  He wouldn’t let go of his “prize” and so in doing, he ended up trapped.

How often am I acting like a monkey???  Actually, that was a rhetorical question, so please no answers in the comments please!

But, it is so easy to see something we want, determine that it is worth “going” for and then realize after we have it that there are additional “gifts” that aren’t always so pleasant that are included for no price!  In this way, we act no different than the monkey with his hand in the gourd.  We set our sight on the goal without looking at the full picture.  Christ calls us to have full sight, not blind sight.

So, I guess it is time to let go.

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