Who is God?

When I was on retreat in November, the retreat director started off the first conference with a basic question.  Who is God?

Well, immediately, my mind jumped to the classic Baltimore Catechism answer…. {think sing-song voice as you read this}…. “God is the Supreme Being who made all things”.  And I was even proud of myself for remembering that (after drilling my own kids in the catechism for years — not from my own childhood).  But, he took the discussion in a different direction that caught me off guard.  You see, it is easy to ‘know’ someone by knowing the facts about them.  For example, you might know me by my name, birthday, children, husband, where I live, etc.  These are all facts.  Facts are easy to find out and easy to answer just by looking at a driver’s license or other legal documents.  But, is this the same as truly knowing them?  NO!

So, how do we truly know someone, especially someone like God?   To know someone in that light, we need to know who they are deep within their soul.  What drives them, what is important to them, who/what they love, how they make decisions, what brings them joy, what brings them sadness, and so much more.  But, this type of knowledge is closer to the type of knowledge I hope my spouse has for me.  A knowledge that means I don’t have to hide anything from him.  A knowledge that accepts me for who I am and for what I think even if he doesn’t agree with me.  A knowledge and understanding that surpasses many times what I even know of myself.

It finally dawned on me.  **light bulb moment** (I know — I’m dense.)   I know that God wants to be in relationship with me.  I know and understand (thanks in large part to our study of Theology of the Body) that ultimately, God wants a spousal relationship with us.  But, I guess I had always thought before about this relationship coming from Him.  I hadn’t really thought much about my part in it.  I realize now that there isn’t a relationship at all when there is just one person working at it.  Both people need to be invested and need to give to the other sacrificially and through this self-sacrifice, true unity and true knowledge can finally come alive.  {wow — I even amaze myself — ha!}

So, what does this mean to me now … in Advent… as I work to prepare myself for the feast of His birth?  As I strive to know Him in the here and now?  It tells me that for me, I want that spousal kind of relationship/knowledge with Him.  It tells me that I need to give to Him and not just take from Him.   It means that just like I spent the time getting to know my husband while dating, I need to spend that time with God.  For only through the true gift of myself to Him and through my acceptance of His gift to me, will I come to truly know Him the way I should.  Wow.  What a gift that would be!

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