doubt and worry

In today’s Gospel reading, Thomas doubted that his fellow disciples had really seen Jesus.  It took Jesus coming to him and letting Thomas put his hand into Jesus’ side and to see the marks on his hands and his feet in order for him to believe.

I remember the first time I heard this story where it really struck me just how much “I” doubt and worry.  I made the determination then not to worry as much but to turn it over to God.  I know He wants what is good for me and I know that He will guide me to the right choices along the way.  I have experienced this happening more times than I can count!  But, still, sometimes it is hard and takes a real act of will not to settle into the old habits again.

It is also hard when you see someone you love battle with doubt/worry as well.  You want so much to make things better but I have learned the hard way that there isn’t anything I can do to make it better or to make the doubt/worry go away.  It is only something that the person suffering through it can do.  THEY need to make the decision to battle it out and to trust in God.  No matter how tough things get, if we turn to God, something good will come out of it.  It might not be on our time-table and it may not be what we want, but something will come if we are patient and trust God.

So, if you are one who struggles with worrying about anything and everything or doubt that things will really work out right in the end, remember that no one can battle this fight for you.  YOU must take the bull by the horns.  Talk to God.  Tell Him your fears and your doubt.  Give Him the chance to help you help yourself out of your mopey, droopy, “oh woe is me” attitude and begin to live life the way He intends us to live.  He can give you the kick in your backside you need if you let Him.


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