Seeing is believing!!

“I have seen the Lord.”

Can you imagine Mary Magdalene running into the room where you are exclaiming that she had seen the Lord?  That is exactly what happened to the disciples.  Once you see the risen Lord, you are never the same.  I know this to be true because I too, have seen the Lord.

One week, when I went to my scheduled holy hour, I was very depressed.  Several things were on my mind, especially the loss of my mother.  I remember sitting alone in the chapel with our Lord and praying for comfort.  I felt so totally alone and very cold.  I left my coat on because I was actually shivering, I was so cold.  As I sat there, I remember physically crying as my heart cried out to the Lord.  Within minutes, I felt suddenly warm.  I remember feeling as if someone had come up to me, put their arm around me and was comforting me.  I heard Jesus say to me that all would be okay and that He loved me.  I remember saying that I knew He loved me but that I missed my mother.  I then heard Him say to me that His mother was my mother.  Then, I felt another presence with me and more warmth as Mary, His mother came to me and comforted me as well.  I felt such warmth!  such comfort!  Such peace!  Such assurance!  I knew just as sure as I know my own name, that I had seen the Lord AND His mother.  All I can say is that life will never be the same.  Whenever I start feeling alone, I remember that time and again feel the comfort and warmth.  The Lord’s gift to me changed me in ways that I never would have guessed and will always be thankful for.

Have you seen the Lord?

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