“I am” could start any number of sentences on any different day in my life.  I am tired.  I am busy.  I am hungry.  I am cold.  I am the mother.  I am crazy. (a quote from yesterday LOL) I am (fill in the blank).

Today’s reading includes Jesus using this very same phrase, “I AM”.  But His phrase isn’t quite the same as the ones I use so regularly.  His has so much more punch behind it.  I remember wondering what it actually meant when I was younger.  It never seemed to quite fit the sentence for this phrase “I AM” to be used in the place of a noun.  As I grew older and developed a better understanding of Scripture, I realized that the phrase was an expression of the reality of God.  Beyond full understanding and beyond the need to understand.  It just is.  God is everything.

So, what is the difference between Jesus’ phrase “I AM” and my statement “I am”?  (Besides the very obvious capital versus lowercase letters) The difference is in the focus.  “I AM” highlights the awesomeness of God and how He is everything we could ever need.  “I am” is a very self-centered look at myself.  It is inward looking versus outward looking.  A pretty drastic difference in my eyes and one which I need to remember much more than I do.

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