forgetfulness — wouldn’t it be nice?

“None of the crimes he committed shall be remembered.” —Ezekiel 18:22

Today’s readings again focus on forgiveness.  But, today’s has a promise — that none of a person’s sins would be remembered.  Hmmm, I don’t know about anyone else, but I can speak for myself when I say that I really wish that this passage from Scripture was part of our society today.  But, we are actually closer to the exact opposite of this goal.  Once we mess up, our mistake seems to be remembered for the rest of our life.  It also tends to be brought up on a regular basis, usually when someone else wants to show that they are better than us and that we aren’t something special ourselves.  Some days I wonder if this ‘forgetfulness’ will be like this in heaven — a clean slate instead of a whiteboard covered with all of the millions of times listed out that I have massively messed up in my life.

I don’t like when others bring up the times that I have messed up, but is it okay to bring to our loved ones’ attention their mistakes to give them an opportunity to grow and become a better person?  I know when I have tried to do just this, it isn’t usually taken very well at all.  And yet, I know that we are being asked to walk the path of life with these that we love and support them.  Doesn’t that also include helping to keep them on the right path?  But, if so, how do you do it without getting them upset with you?

*sigh* I would say that I “try” to be gentle about pointing out the mistakes those I love make.  And then I do my best to wipe that whiteboard clean.  But, I know I am not always perfect at it and those I love would probably strongly disagree with my assessment of how I approach this very sticky subject.

So, once again, I guess the question is, do I or don’t I?  Do I point out to others the folly of their ways or do I mind my own business.  Hmmm, I don’t think I want to know even though I think I already do. *sigh* back to confession…

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