“For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it.”    Luke 9: 24

This isn’t a very cheery thought.  It isn’t one which had really struck me as poignantly before as it does now.  I knew I lived in a country that celebrated freedom of religion, so I never worried that I would be faced with the choice as to whether to die for my faith or not.  All of that has changed recently though as we have been now faced with the new HHS mandate.  This new governmental control isn’t really an issue about contraception (which many people state is the issue) but is an issue of control and power.

Charles Kadlac wrote an article for Forbes which can be found here http://www.forbes.com/sites/charleskadlec/2012/02/13/the-audacity-of-power-president-obama-vs-the-catholic-church/.  This is one of the clearest explanations of what is happening with this mandate than anything else I have read.   Ultimately, this isn’t about whether the Catholic Church will be forced to provide whether they want to or not, all contraceptive medications including the morning after pill and abortions.  This is really about our country’s First Amendment which states that we have freedom of religion.  “If” this goes through, it will ultimately lead to destruction of America as we know it, whether you are Catholic or not.  This affects you whether you are Protestant, Muslim, Jewish or an atheist.  The reality is that if the government can do this to the Catholic Church, it can do anything it wants to any and all of us it decides to go after next.   If the Church stands strong and does not give in to Obama, the Church would make clear to the American people that the alternative to religious freedom would be a mortal wound to our civil liberties and a complete disruption of civil society.  This is something that is not life-changing to “some” individuals within our country, but to all of us.

In many ways, I feel like such a small voice in the sea of much more important and louder voices.  I realize that I am just one small drop of water in an ocean.  I can do what I can though to fight this and will.  Because, maybe, just maybe, if we all take a stand together across the spectrum whether religious or atheist, maybe then that one small drop can pull together a tsunami that will bury this plan for a long time if not forever.  I can hope, can’t I?

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