sickness…and leprosy

Sickness carried us away last week!  A virus which was probably the flu carried away 5 out of the 6 of us at the house last week.  It ended up being a chaotic week with a lot of medicine, trips to the doctor, and not much else accomplished.  Since I also had it, it meant that I wasn’t thinking too clearly myself and was on a “necessary only” functioning ability.  But, as the effects of the virus wane, there are many reflections wondering through the brain that would like to come down on paper.  Knowing that it is already past midnight and I need to get to bed so I don’t relapse, I will only give a synopsis of some of the ideas that came to me today after reading the Scripture of the day, the Magnificat reflection of the day, and hearing Msgr. Nolan’s homily this morning.  Each of these events/readings took me even deeper into today’s readings on 3 different tangents.

The first tangent is regarding leprosy and what living with leprosy is like (not that I have the disease leprosy, but taking leprosy as a symbol of being unclean, full of sin — now that is something I can truly speak on).

The second tangent is regarding the Sacrament of confession – my long-time fear of it, my coming to terms with it, and my ultimate goal of wanting/desiring to go with no hesitation.  The next tangent is off of this 2nd one and regards preparation for confession and how to know what to confess, along with the sin of pride by thinking that there isn’t anything to confess and hearing how Blessed Pope John Paul II went to confession NIGHTLY.

Finally, the last tangent is off of the Gospel reading of today from Mark 1:40-45.  The Magnificat had a powerful reflection on the cured lepers response.  He was told to not say anything but instead he went around proclaiming that Jesus cured him.  This was always something that struck me, but I didn’t delve into very deeply.  Today’s reflection and reading made me look at that again realizing that this leper going out and proclaiming Christ’s cure is no different than if I would go to confession and then go out and proclaim my sin saying that I am cured of it due to confession.  Isn’t that a type of pride and arrogance as if to tell someone else “Go and sin and you can experience Jesus healing you too!”  There is just something inherently wrong with that and is something I need to dig a bit deeper into when I am more awake than I am now.

So, with a promise for more to come… goodnight!

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