October Baby

I know this blog is supposed to be my reflections on the daily readings.  But, tonight I am going to go off on a tangent and mention a movie screening that I just saw for October Baby.  This is a phenomenal movie.  It is being billed as a pro-life movie and anti-abortion.  It is designed to raise the awareness of the realities of abortion survivors.  But, there is SO much more to the movie than these political hot buttons.  They are there and they profoundly speak of the beliefs of the Pro-life movement that every life has meaning and purpose as God created us to be.  But, this movie also delves into the realities of family life.  Family life as it grows and changes.  Family life as it goes through the rocky parts.  Family life as it traverses the reality of our own human weaknesses.  This is a family.  A family who has seen tremendous pain.  A family who has seen pain and has wanted to protect their daughter from this pain and in doing so, caused pain.  This is a story of a person finding out who they are, who God intends them to be, and who they CHOOSE to be.  This is a story of a loyal friend who wants to help but doesn’t quite know how to help both sides of the family in turmoil.  Ultimately, this is a story about choosing.  Choosing to forgive.  Choosing to live.  and Choosing to love.  For that is what life and family is all about.


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