earning God’s grace

What are we called to do on this earth?  We are called to know God, love God and serve God on this earth.  At least that is what the catechism answer is.  The real question comes to what exactly that means when it comes to being put into action.  Knowing God to me means reading and studying Scripture to better understand who He was and is.  Loving God comes from knowing Him.  The serving part is the hard part.  What exactly is serving God?  If we look at John the Baptist, serving God meant encouraging people to repent and be baptized.  But, it also meant death to John as by preaching about God’s ways, he angered Herodias which led to his beheading.  So, by serving God and standing up for God’s ways, will we also get beheaded?  Hopefully not, but if so, am I really ready for that?  Do I have the strength to hold my ground even when death is facing me? I pray that I do but don’t really know.  I don’t like pain.  I don’t like even having a headache and take meds when one is coming on.  Can I handle the pain I might need to face to stand up for God?  That is the question.  Honestly, I know without a doubt that “I” cannot.  But, with God’s grace, I can do anything.  So, my goal becomes one of earning God’s grace however possible.  Hmmm, isn’t it in many ways all the same thing?

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