standing strong

The news lately has been pretty frightening.  Sometimes when watching the news, I wonder whether my family, a few friends, and a handful of others are the only sane people around.  How can I know so many people who do and believe good and yet there still be such evil in this world?

I was terribly afraid when Obama was elected as President.  I remember being afraid when Bill Clinton was elected and praying for guidance in the coming years as well as a conversion for him.  Well, the conversion didn’t happen, the morality of our country sunk to a new low, but we did survive.  When Obama was elected, I didn’t pray for the same thing.  I prayed for deliverance.  Deliverance from evil was my prayer for I saw no good coming from his term in office.

Since he became President, he has not shown me anything but more fear due to his stances on the basics of my beliefs — as human beings, God created us good.  BUT, God’s ways are better than ours and we need to follow Him to truly know good.  Obama doesn’t understand this.  He is of the relativistic culture who believes that everyone should be able to do what they want when they want.  So, to this end, he “says” he is righting a wrong and instituting health insurance for everyone.  But, this health insurance is more like a national health insurance than our current free economic choice for health care and the choices are being taken away from us regarding what we can and cannot receive in regards to our care.  I agree that the health care industry needs to be overhauled, but to have the government take that on when they can’t even learn to live within a budget and are going to bankrupt our country?  How are they qualified to take care of health insurance?  With the new mandates, the Obamacare plan will force ALL companies who hire and provide health insurance within certain parameters to pay for all items Obama feels important.  The issue at hand is that this insurance will cover things that as a Catholic, I see as murder.  How can I give my money to something that is going to pay for the murder of a human being?  It makes my skin crawl to think of it!

But, if this law is not overturned, that is exactly what will happen in Aug 2013.  The Bishops of the US are standing up and asking all to pray the St. Michael’s prayer to defend us and protect us from the great evil.  I pray that by fighting this, that we will prevail.  But, a large part of me is afraid.  For this evil is more than just one person and is more than just one law.  This evil is in most of society today including many who call themselves Catholic but who don’t understand or follow the teachings of the Church.  This isn’t just the contraception battle all over again.  This is about life and whether I will stand up for what is right or if I will just bow down in fear.  As afraid as I am and most of us are, we have to stand firm.  If we don’t, we turn our backs on God.  I am really feeling the need to read the story of Noah again.  Maybe it is time to build an ark?

I look at it this way.  If I was robbed at gunpoint right now and all the robber wanted me to do was to give him the money to pay for his girlfriend’s abortion, would I do it?  NO WAY!  So, why would I not speak up about this outlandish law which is asking the Catholic Church to do the exact same thing.  We are the Church.  The Church isn’t a building.  The Church is the people.  We won’t agree.  We will stand strong in the ark of the Catholic Church!

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