We are Jesus’ family!

Today’s Gospel reading is from Mark 3: 31-35.  The part that stands out today is the statement that Jesus makes that if we do the will of God, we are His brother, sister and mother.  This stands out for me today as I see the pictures now coming onto Facebook of the March for Life from yesterday in Washington DC and I read the scant news coverage of the event.  It truly saddens me that there are so many in this country who believe that abortion is wrong and yet the media is so skewed that none of this is printed.  With the exception of Wichita Kansas, I have not heard of one community who covered this event in their news coverage.  None of the national news stations did.  And when it was covered, it was more of a focus on those who were protesting the rally and were pro-choice and not on the phenomenal size of the group and the peaceful nature of the rally.

This is why this reading stands out today.  For, we must stand together to do the will of God.  Only then will we be able to be part of Jesus’ family.  And that is an awful lot more important to me than being a relativist who thinks that anyone can do or think what they want.  Murdering innocent lives because you wanted your fun without the responsibility is still murder.  Period.

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