He is out of his mind.

In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus’ relatives thought he was out of his mind, possessed by the devil.  In reality, He wasn’t but they just didn’t understand what His mission was all about.  But, have you ever wondered if the devil really is working in our world?  When I was younger, even the mention of the devil used to scare me terribly.  Even now, I still am not totally comfortable with all of the realities of the devil around us.  But, I do know that the temptations and mind games to turn away from good that we are faced with daily come from the devil.   I also know from experience that when we start really turning ourselves more towards God and God’s will within our life, that the devil comes on even stronger in our lives.

I know this because whenever hubby and I are preparing a Theology of the Body talk, all kinds of things start going wrong.  We get into arguments, misunderstand each other and get angry.  We’ll have a set time to work on the talk and then something goes wrong so that we have little time to work on the talk preparation.  Many times, it feels like we are fighting an uphill battle against a storm and if we try to rest for even a minute, we will be swept away.

I love giving these talks.  When we do these talks, our marriage is strengthened and our beliefs are reinforced.  A light is lit within us and we ourselves are lifted up in the lifting up of our lives as we share with the couples who come.  And yet, the struggle to get to the actual talk itself is monumental.  It is a task that can be overwhelming at times.  It can be hard to remember during the struggle that the struggle is there because we are striving to fight the good fight and bring God’s plan to other couples who haven’t heard it yet.  It can make you think that you are wasting your time and can make you feel like the world is falling down around your ears.

This, I believe,  is the work of the devil.  These kinds of struggles don’t happen that often in every day life.  But, start reaching out to others to show them God’s plan, and the devil is determined to stop it.  It actually is very clear when I look back over the years that we have been giving the TOB presentations that there is a pattern to the battles.  But, knowing that there is a pattern and that this is the work of the devil doesn’t make the burden any lighter to carry.  So, this is when I cry out to God for the strength to carry on.  For on my own I am weak, but with Him I can do anything!

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