sitting with sinners…

Jesus was sitting with sinners and causing a stir.  For some reason, when I read that sentence in my head, it seems to have a country music beat.   Maybe it is because the Pharisee’s reactions to His eating with tax collectors and sinners is so over the top.  Kind of like a country music love song (sorry for having offended anyone who likes country music, just my take on it).    When I read that Jesus sat and ate with sinners, I rejoice and jump for joy!  Hooray!  There’s a chance for me!  For if he was a God who only hung with goody two shoes, I wouldn’t be one with whom He would even want to be caught dead in the same room!  This I know.  For I am weak, while He is strong.

Tonight, I had the awesome opportunity to attend a gathering of about 30+ other women with whom I am working to plan and coordinate the Behold 2012 Conference.  Behold is a conference that seeks to support the dignity and vocation of women.  The 2012 Conference theme is “From the Heart of God”.  The evening gathering started with Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament and Sacramental Confession.  Wow!  What a way to start a gathering!  Acknowledging that in order to do His work, we must first cleanse our own souls and remember that we are there because of HIM.  We’re not there for our own glory or for the world.  We are there for Him, doing the work He sets in front of us.  So much of what we are handed in our lives isn’t part of our plan, but it is given to us to humbly take and do to the best of our ability.  We don’t always understand why we need to do it, but do it we must.

For we are all sinners sitting at the table and dining with Him.  Let the others talk and point along the way.  It just doesn’t matter what they think.  What matters is that ….He. is. with. us.

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