directions, a guide, anything??

“And behold, the star that they had seen at its rising preceded them,
until it came and stopped over the place where the child was.”  (From Matthew, Chapter 2)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have directions to know how to find Jesus in the midst of the darkness around us?  How about Mapquest directions complete with time estimations?  If I could get a nickel every time I have wondered exactly where God was leading me and how frustrated I was not knowing where I was heading and why, I would be rich!

But, we aren’t given directions, a map, or even a star in this world to navigate by.  Instead, we need to follow Him out of faith and with the trust of a child.  Scripture is one guide we have although sometimes it can seem to just confuse me even more than not having anything.  So many times, I feel like the Magi, following a star which disappears leaving me feeling lost.  Lost enough to stop and ask directions!  But then, just as I am about to give up hope, lo and behold, the “star” (which in my case tends to be those close to me in life, or our pastor, or divine inspiration) comes in front of me again leading me to my destination after all.  All that worry over nothing!

I can’t help but think of a time after we moved when I was trying to find my way around and was lost.  My youngest two children were in the back seat and were perfectly calm.  They weren’t ruffled by their mother’s lack of knowledge as to where she was going, let alone where she was.  They just sat in the back seat and chattered about the wonders they were seeing out the window passing them by as I drove in circles.

It had never struck me before today that the Magi were like that as well.  They started out following a star only to “lose” it.  So, they stop and ask for directions.  When they get underway again, they once again see their guide in front of them lighting the way.

I could say that this lesson teaches me that I am in good company as we all get lost along the way.  But, I am tending to think that the lesson is more of what was happening in the backseat when I was lost.  Trust.  Trust in God that He will guide me where I need to go and if I am lost, He will find a way to light my path.  Wow!  What more could I ask?

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