one among you whom you do not recognize…

Today, in the Gospel of John, John tells those questioning him that ” there is one among you whom you do not recognize”. This caught my eye today as I was reflecting on it. I, for one, know that there are many, many times that I do not recognize Christ in those around me. I pray for patience with others and truly try to “see” Christ in others. But, so much of the time I am just caught up with my own agenda, my own thoughts, and the never ending ‘to do’ list, that I feel like a horse with blinders on just running around the track in front of me. I spend time in adoration, in prayer and on retreat each year and while there, can truly see and feel Christ’s presence in my life. But, when I come back to the race, I start the race with good intentions, only to get so focused on the path in front of me that I once again lose my “sight”.

It is for this reason that I have started this blog. To help me reflect regularly on Christ while I am running in this race of life. Hopefully, the more I take this time for reflection, the more “holes” will be poked in those blinders so that gradually, I can once again develop full ‘sight’. The sight of Christ.

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