New journey on this day of new starts…

Hello all,
Welcome to day one of this new blog. I was reflecting this morning during the offertory at Mass about how much I love to spend time each day reflecting on the readings.  So, I am dedicating this blog to a regular (minimum of weekly, hopefully closer to daily) reflection on God’s Scriptures and how it all applies within the life of a wife and mother of 5 beautiful girls. And how appropriate to begin on today of all days, the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God!

In the Gospel reading this morning, Luke 2: 16-21, the section that caught my ear was… “And Mary kept all these things, reflecting on them in her heart.” Today’s focus was on Mary being Christ’s mother. Now, that is something with which I can identify — motherhood! All of the trials, concerns, sorrows, joys, celebrations, work, love and dedication that are part of motherhood are part of my own daily life.  I understand just how much motherhood changes a woman. I also understand how a mother continues to think, pray, and reflect regularly on the day’s challenges, events and joys long after the day’s activities have ended. I remember when my first daughter was born and laying in the bed in the hospital just staring at her, wondering what her future would be and whether I could really be the mother she needed me to be. Reality is that I still ask that same question daily and my oldest is now 20 years old. Am I making the right choices? Am I calling her on what she needs to be called on or am I being too hard on her? Am I showing her that I love her, even when she messes up? Am I teaching her to be strong and to stand on her own two feet with the help of God or if I pick up the pieces when she fails, am I encouraging her to be weak?

I can see Mary laying in her bed at night as I do, reflecting on the day, on the choices and actions of that day, and wondering whether this is what God had in mind or not. The one thing that I have that Mary did not, is a role model. She is my role model. When I am questioning how I should be reacting to a particular situation, a quick prayer asking Mary to petition her Son to guide me in His ways brings such a quick release of tension. For Mary will never let one of her own down. And since I am one of Christ’s adopted sisters, I can also claim Mary as my adopted mother as well. So, Mary, continue to watch over me, my husband and my children. Help to guide us to be the best Christians we can be!  Help us make this coming year a journey of discovery in the ways of your Son!

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